Albion Skin Conditioner Essential 110ML NPWJNXOHM

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Albion Japan Essential Skin ConditionerSize:110mlNew in Box

Improves problematic skin. It contains Job'sTears (a tropical Asian grass--Coix lacryma-jobi--having white, beadlike grains) which is a healthy ingredient for skin. It catches the best moments of skin and regulates all the problems which give rise to less perfect skin. Functions: Regulates and improves skin metabolism, ensures skin cells are working within the designed cycle and smoothens out and makes skin healthy; calms redden skin and prevents skin roughness and invasion of pimples; brightens/ whitens skin and speeds up the splitting up of melanin, prevents the formation of dark spots and freckles; prevents the appearance of fine lines and boosts skin elasticity and radiance; and moisturizing skin to a deep level. 110ml Made in Japan

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential 110ML NPWJNXOHM

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