Amorepacific HERA Age Away Vitalizing Emulsion 120ml MYFICRYAK

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A wrinkle-improving lotion that balances oil balance and gives elasticity to the skin.Maintain elastic skin condition with sufficient moisturizing and nutrition It is a wrinkle-improving lotion that keeps skin moisturized and nutritious deeply to the skin and maintains elastic skin condition.Ideal water balance care for shine The combination of moisture and oil, which is not moist and sticky, helps to balance the oil content, and the natural herbal extract of Asian herbal extracts will help to make skin healthy and radiant by alleviating the aging of the skin.Texture finely polished and finely finished The light, soft spreading and elasticity of the inverted finish give the skin a firmer finish and you can experience amazing skin conditions from the emulsion stage.

How to use In the morning and evening basics skin care, after using age away vitalizing water, gently massages all over face and absorbs it.

Amorepacific HERA Age Away Vitalizing Emulsion 120ml MYFICRYAK

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