Amway Attitude Sun Screen Cream With Spf 30 & Pa 100 G IVWEIJIZR

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Attitude Sunscreen Cream is a dry-touch formula with SPF 30 & PA+++.Use enough sunscreen to generously coat all exposed skin that will not be covered by clothing. Apply on dry skin 15 to 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. For best results reapply frequently.Q1)How are UVA rays different from UVB rays Ans)UVB rays damage the outer layer of skin whereas UVB rays can reach deeper dermal layers. Q2)What does SPF stand for Ans)It is a ratio of the ability of a person to burn with the sun screen relative to his ability to burn without the Sun Screen. In short, SPF indicates how long a sun screen will protect your skin from sun burn.Q3)How does PA+++ help Ans)PA has a '+' in front of it which refers to the amount of protection it gives from the harmful UVA rays. Attitude Sun Screen has a PA+++ which means it has a high level of UVA protection. More Info: Use Attitude Sun Screen Demonstration Card to see how important it is to protect your skin before stepping out in Sun

Every day our skin is exposed to harmful sun rays that penetrate deep into the skin causing short term & long term damages. UVB rays damage the outer layer of skin & causes sunburn & tanning. UVA rays can reach the deeper dermal layers of skin causing premature ageing, dark spots. Dry-touch formula of Attitude Sun screen Cream has a SPF 30 to protect your skin from UVB rays & PA+++ to protect your skin from UVA rays. Benefits: Provides protection from harmful rays of Sun with SPF 30 PA+++

Amway Attitude Sun Screen Cream With Spf 30 & Pa 100 G IVWEIJIZR

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